Art Installation Services Colorado

When it comes to art installation services, I approach the craft with both a creative eye and a technical mindset. For me, the arrangement and flow of colors and compositions are crucial to the success of each project. While I always welcome input from clients and collaborators, I also provide feedback to ensure that the art has a profound impact on the space it inhabits.

Taking the technical aspect seriously, I put great emphasis on the precision involved  in picture and art hanging. Utilizing Leica beam lasers and Stabila stick levels, I ensure each piece is perfectly level and plumb. Instead of relying solely on hanging wires, I opt for drings on the framing structure, providing at least two contact points with installation brackets attached to the wall. This wireless hanging method along with the placement of rubber bumpers, placed on the bottom corners of each piece, offers protection and stability, preventing art from shifting over time.

One specialized service I offer is gallery wall installation, where art pieces are grouped in unique geometric patterns or standard grid configurations. I meticulously plan these compositions by laying out the pieces on the floor first, adjusting the pieces until the energy flows harmoniously. Transferring the art from the floor to the wall involves precise measurements with very little room for error, making this type of installation both challenging and rewarding.

Amidst numerous art installation providers in Colorado, my aim is to stand out by inspiring clients with my technical expertise and creative approach. I’m passionate about every aspect of installation and eager to help with your next project. Feel free to reach out with any questions or details about your installation needs—I’m here to assist you every step of the way.