The residence is the place that Keywitz art installation miracles happen!!! The beautiful portfolio of installation pics below are from homes all over the state of Colorado.

Nederland, Colorado residential art installation.

Custom art installation in Nederland, Colorado. The back house needed a gallery wall to showcase the client’s eclectic art collection. A new expedited process was implemented in that there was no preplanning. The wall was created one piece at a time. Under these conditions, there is a lot more pondering before the installation of each piece to ensure a solid flowing composition.

Cherry Hills Village, Colorado, residential design, fabrication and Installation.

Custom residential art design, fabrication and installation for an amazing client in Cherry Hills Village, Colorado. This was a 1/2″ dual sided double etched tablet of glass art. The brackets that hold the glass in place were 3-d printed out of 30% stainless steel and 60% bronze. The brackets serve as structural support to pin the glass to the window mullion, while also in keeping with the Japanese design aesthetic of the piece. Notice the shameless marketing plug of my van in the background !!!

CastlePines, Colorado Residential art Installation.

Amazing residential art installation for an architect and engineer in Castle Pines, Colorado. The LVL structural micro lam lumber was used to create a sturdy platform for me to set my a-frame ladder on and install an Alexander Calder mobile from the ceiling. It’s not only about the art, it’s also about solving complex problems as they relate to architectural obstacles that a ladder or a set of scaffolding can’t alone solve.

Cherry Creek, Colorado residential art design, fabrication and installation.

Custom fabrication and art installation for a residence in Cherry Creek, Colorado. The client wanted to have a piece of functional art that could modulate the light and thus facilitate a piece of art that would have the ability to change its expression simply by adjusting the angles of the shutter blades. The installation component was relatively simple in that the shutters were already existing. They just needed to be removed and then reinstalled in the same fashion.

Greenwood Village, Colorado residential art installation.

Art installation for a soon to be retired real estate development lawyer in Greenwood Village, Colorado. This was a heavy two piece bronze and cast resin sculpture. The keyhole slotted supports for the sculpture were welded upside down. The installation solution was to use heavy duty zip ties and fasten them to the keyhole brackets on the backs of the tablets. These zip tie loops were used as the structural contact points for the bronze tablets to hang from screw tipped toggle bolts that were fastened to the wall in eight unique locations. In the end the client was really pleased to have this prized piece off of the floor and on to the wall.

Cherry Creek, Colorado residential art design, fabrication and installation.

Custom art design, fabrication and installation for a client in Cherry Creek, Colorado. This piece had multiple components that were custom fabricated by myself and several strategic fabrication partners. From the custom lathed maple samurai sword handle, to the hand bent black anodized aluminum surround frame and finally the cnc machined bronze tsuba, this piece was one off custom from head to toe. The samurai sword handle and the bronze tsuba were used as a functional bolt to thread into a 1/4-20 wall toggle bolt and create a firm structural extension from the wall. This structural extension allowed for the piece to hang from it with ease. Once again this was utilizing an installation element as an aesthetic expression of the overall theme of the piece.

Ault, Colorado residential art installation.

Gallery wall installation for a wonderful couple in Ault, Colorado. It took this client ten years to muster up the courage to reach out and bring someone into the mix, to take on the task of laying out and installing a composition of 2-d and 3-d art pieces and representational implements on this monumental wall in their house. This was one of the biggest challenges for me to date. All of the pieces were laid out on their garage floor first to make sure the composition was strong and then each piece was transferred to the wall using Leica lasers and mathematical coordinates transferred from the garage floor. Soooooo satisfying to see the tangible fruits of a laborious collaboration of this size.

Boulder, Colorado residential art installation.

Residential art and mirror installation for a repeat client in Boulder, Colorado. The mirror to the right had a french cleat that was shipped with it for the installation. New holes were drilled into the french cleat to accommodate the stud locations within the wall. When installing mirrors I make it common practice to install the support brackets into the wood studs or use snap toggle toggle bolts to ensure that the mirror will never come off the wall.

Denver, Colorado residential art design, fabrication and installation.

Custom residential art design, fabrication and installation of a mechanical door for a client in Denver, Colorado. The perforations within the Hebrew characters in the door allow for return air to uptake into the furnace and prevent the hvac compressor from burning out. The installation of this door was quite tricky as I wanted to have a door with concealed hinges. The solution was to utilize heavy duty cabinet door hinges that would allow the door to open and soft close while at the same time prevent the door from sagging. Architectural art is something that I also love to create because of the visual and functional aspects that traditional art mediums cant duplicate as effectively.

Boulder, Colorado residential art curation/ installation.

Residential art curation and installation for a client and now close friend in Boulder, Colorado. Close to 60 pieces had to be placement curated and installed over the course of a close to 80 hour total engagement time. This was my favorite collaboration to date because the art was so incredible and thoughtfully chosen over decades. The house was also quite small and if the art wasn’t curated and placed just right it would have run the risk of looking like a southwestern salvage yard. In the end the job came together beautifully and my friend/client won’t install or place any new acquisitions without asking for my feedback.

Nederland, Colorado residential art installation.

Custom art installation in Nederland, Colorado. The challenge with installing art onto a wall of logs is the fact that the logs protrude off of the surface of the wall at different depths. This requires the use of longer screws so they can stick out far enough to plane with the log that protrudes from the wall the most, so the piece hangs straight up and down and the bottom of the piece will not stick out farther than the top.