Frequently Asked Questions

What is pigment based ink hand transfer ?

This is an artistic process that starts with a substrate made of wood, glass, plastic and metal. The material surface is coated with an alcohol based liquid medium. A coated film transparency is then fed through a fine art pigment based printer which prints the pigment onto the surface of the film. The film is then placed pigment side down onto the liquid medium coated substrate. After a certain amount of time and pressure the pigment on the transparency releases itself onto the substrate medium. This results in a work of art that visually expresses the hand made nature of the process. There are subtle areas of imperfection and color variation because of the variation in hand pressure applied to the surface during the transfer process.

Returns and refunds ?

Free returns and full refunds will be issued if the art or product is returned because of damage or material defects within 30 days of delivery.

When will I get my Keywitz?

- Products and art will be shipped in 3-4 weeks.
- All pieces are hand made and made to order!!
- Please be patient.....All things come to those who wait!!!

Where does Keywitz ship?

Free shipping in the USA for all limited edition art.
Worldwide shipping will be considered on a case by case basis.